Our ancestral sisters, mothers and grandmothers joined in sacred gatherings for thousands of years.

When women gather together we find a safe place to connect, share, heal and empower one another through ceremony.

Join me in carrying on the tradition of our ancestors to grow and support one another and reconnect to the heart of our Earth Mother.


As a Shamanic Practitioner, I enter an altered state of consciousness by drumming or rattling to access shamanic power for healing, wisdom and change.

I connect with my ancestors, power animals, and helping spirits who provide the information needed to guide our session and which modalities will be most helpful for your healing. Within a shamanic journey a client’s energy is shifted which provides insight and healing.


For thousands of years cultures all over the world have embraced and celebrated the healing power of the drum.

The incredible spiritual energy of a drum circle brings in feelings of joy and well being. It weaves together our connections to each other, our community, and our Earth Mother.

Let’s gather and raise our energy and collectively release our rhythms to facilitate personal, societal, and global healing.


A shamanic session works on the deepest levels to support your highest good and healing, including your ancestral lineage and past lives.

Honor yourself by bringing deep healing, wisdom and guidance for the next phase of your life and discover why one client said one session healed something that she had spent years in therapy trying to resolve.

Let it be the same for you.

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